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Biker Patches

Biker Patches

We have a few major categories of work that we offer:

Motorcycle Club Patches - Club patches are ones that we make for groups that typically all have at least the same center patch and if it is a 3-piece set or more then the top rocker is usually the same as well.  Sometimes there are various bottom rockers depending on locations.

Biker Club Rockers - Sometimes clubs decide to go with rockers only and no center patch.  Or the club may need some side rib rockers for their different locations within a state or chapter name within the MC.

Biker Vest Patches - Many motorcycle patches are created for one individual client and they are on their own without being part of any larger group.  Sometimes it can be just one center back patch or a 2-piece patch set with the center and either the top or bottom patch.

Custom Biker Rockers - This sub-category includes individuals who just need one straight patch to go across the bottom of your vest or a top curve rocker or a smaller rib rocker for side placement.

Chain Stitching Biker Patches - We've created a modern method of re-creating the old style chain stitching look and some clubs and individuals prefer this specific look.