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Kustom Kulture Forever Europe Bike Show 05/06 Juni 2015, Herten-Germany


Kustom Kulture Forever Europe Bike Show 05/06 Juni 2015, Herten-Germany

Chain Stitching Patch

The Kustom Kulture Forever Show in Herten, Germany will be a weekend filled with Hot Rods, Choppers, Gassers, Bobbers, Tattoos,Punk Rock, Skateboards and a killer swap meet. Our Friend Jeff Wright is a proud sponsor along with the Draggers CC for the Bike Show, here are some details…

“Once upon a time there was a little bike show in Herten. Wanderers and outcasts traveled from far and wide to see the magical rides congregated there. Man and motorcycle were one, reveling and romping as the gods intended. There was peace, harmony, beer and busty babes to go around and they all lived happily ever after…. for the weekend. With heavy hearts the crowd straddled their bikes and embarked on the long journey home, back to the dismal grind of their everyday lives.
But do not despair fair readers, coming June 2015 the Draggers and Jeff Wright of Church of Choppers: “Motorcycles, Magic and More Vol. 6″

In addition to the general show area, there will be a party tent, which will serve as the new venue for our highly anticipated Bavarian Biker Bash and will also include a separate area for selected show bikes. Draggers own Dj Fuzzy Mike aka Motzmaster Mike aka Fuzzface Mike aka Mopedo aka Motzpedo aka Mopetto aka Motzi Kotzi will be rocking the turntables with the finest 60s garage, trash, punkrock, rock’n’roll and stoner tunes in the land.

Eager beavers will be rewarded with prizes in more categories than last year and some bad ass trophies to decorate the shop or homestead.

Once again, due to a limited amount of space (and possible taste discrepancies) only motorcycles which have been either invited or registered and approved prior to the show will be allowed on the grounds.”



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