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Nashville Musician Jonny Fritz –patches by Iron Thread


Nashville Musician Jonny Fritz –patches by Iron Thread

Chain Stitching Patch

Who’s Jonny Fritz?  Well he is a Nashville Musician who Rolling Stone Magazine noted an “artist to watch”.

“Nashville songwriter Jonny Fritz’s work ethic and boldness have paid off in spades. It’s been a big year for Jonny, with opening stints for Alabama Shakes, Deer Tick, Dawes, Shooter Jennings and rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson and kudos from CMT and Rolling Stone, among many others. “

“[Jonny Fritz writes] odes to simple lives, to small towns that have a Pizza Hut, teenage pregnancy, a big bad football team that everyone’s proud of, some deep fishing holes and not too much else. They are odes to the boredom that ravages people in those places sometimes. They are odes to twisted thoughts that can be argued to be just as much admissions of the heart and soul – that the heart and soul exist sound and strong – as songs and sentiments that are mistakenly taken to be those of endearing love. – Daytrotter

Clever songs like “Chevy Beretta,” “Shaved (Like a Razor)” and “Undercover Dad” made last year’s Down on the Bikini Line an underground hit, but it had more to do with the surprising authentic quality of his music than it did with his quirky style.

Aside from the music, Jonny also does hand tooled leather work creating belts, guitar straps, dog collars, and more.  If that doesn’t blow your mind then sit back and listen to his tunes.  Click here: JonnyFritzmusic



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