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Six Stringers Custom Back Patch Sets for Nashville Artist Taylor Phillips

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We recently worked on a custom back patch project for a Nashville musician/songwriter Taylor Phillips. Taylor was looking to create a stealth version of his “Six Stringers – Music City” logo for his group on their leather vests. We used a black thread on our slate charcoal twill which blends well on a dark background. Look out for the Six Stringers rolling through your town.

About Taylor –

“The varied social and economical tides of Sanford, North Carolina is where Taylor Phillips emerged into the songwriter that he is today. With a connection to country music internally and a life time of labor, love, family, triumphs, and pitfalls Taylor’s life rang out like many of the chorus’s that had been penned on 16th avenue south for the last 65 years. Taylor landed in Nashville, TN in 2013 and quickly made his way into the music industry by well…..being himself.

Taylor by way of southern country boy wit and grit quickly began to see that immersing himself into the Music Row country music scene was what he was absolutely born to do. Taylor was offered a position as a tour merchandising manager and that’s where the story begins. From this point forward Taylor began to carve out and solidify his own network of artists, songwriters, publishers, and plainly stated, friends within the country music industry. This has led Taylor to where he is today on 16th avenue south, in the heart of music row, where he owns a thriving song writing studio. If you do not know Taylor Phillips then turn your radios up a little louder, because you will very soon.”


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