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Expertise in handmade patches with a passion for the motorcycle world

It all started from a trailer

Traveling to motorcycle events throughout New England, we wanted to combine our technical background in production and embroidery with our love for bikes and the entire community. So we packed up a trailer with an embroidery machine, a laptop and decided we’d figure it out.

People started asking us if we could make them custom patches or rockers and we’d have a stack of jackets by the end of the day that we would return at the next venue.

We absolutely loved collaborating with people on their creative ideas and making custom products that were handcrafted in the USA and are completely original. We haven’t looked back.

Our Studio

Everything we do from the initial design phase to the production of the patches is done in our New Haven, Vermont USA private studio.

When you call or email, you will always speak to either Jason or Valerie through the entire process and receive the one-on-one attention you deserve.

We do our best to keep you up-to-date every step along the way right up to and including when you receive the final product in hand.

We always want to hear from you to be sure that you are completely satisfied with not only the finished patches but also the customer service we provided.

How We’ll Collaborate


The first step in the process will be finalizing your artwork for your custom embroidered patch. You can supply us with hand-draw sketches, digital artwork or other designs that we can review and discuss to be sure we have the artwork exactly the way you want the finished patch. You can email, mail or fax it to us.

The best kind of artwork is one that is high resolution so we can zoom in on the details. If you need assistance creating artwork, we can also refer you to an artist that suits you specific style.


Digitizing is the process of taking your finalized artwork and preparing it digitally for output to our embroidery machines.

Unlike many other embroidery assembly line style facilities that use computer programs to auto-generate artwork into stitches, we digitize by hand. By using this process we redraw the artwork in the software by choosing each element and selecting the best way for it to be stitched, i.e. stitch type, style, direction, pattern, density, etc. This means that our style is very unique and no one else would digitize it exactly the way that we do.

Once we complete digitizing your artwork, we will email you a digital stitch file proof for your review and approval.


Once you approve the digitized artwork, we then get the design over to production.

This is the point were we pull together all of the thread colors that were chosen, fabric type and color and get it on the embroidery machine. We output the design and start the production of your patches.

Each individual large back patch can take up to about 2 – 3 hours to run on an embroidery machine.

Hand Finishing

We hand finish every single patch we produce.

This includes hand cutting the patch to its unique shape after we’ve applied a protective backing. The edges are heat fused by hand to add extra durability to the finished patch. Trimming threads within the design is the final step while also performing a quality check for completion.

These steps ensure the quality and integrity of your custom patch or rocker is maintained from start to finish.


At this final step we package the patches, prepare the shipping labels and deliver the outgoing orders for the day to our local United States Postal Service.

We ship domestic and international utilizing United States Postal Service Priority Mail services. Always let us know if you prefer a different method for shipping and we can try to accommodate.