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custom made mc rocker patches

Are you an independent rider and require just one custom rocker?  We can help you construct a tailor-made patch for sure!

Maybe you are looking to create a top curved rocker or bottom curved rocker or a straight patch with text only.  Whatever size, shape or angle, we can assist you in making that type of patch.

Does your vest have a very limited space to place your custom made-to-order patch?  Not a problem!

Some individuals find it helpful to send us a sample pattern to be sure the final product fits in the designated area on your vest.  You can take your vest and draw out a paper template and mail it to us and we can duplicate it exactly.  Or, you can take a picture and email it to us with exact measurements of the limited space.

If you don’t know exactly what font or letter style you want we can refer you to various font website for countless options to make your custom biker rocker unique.  We enjoy working with every client to make a patch one of a kind.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for some answers to our most common questions!