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Our most frequently asked questions about custom patches

Do you charge setup fees?

No we do not charge any embroidery design setup fees.

How long will it take to get my patches?

On average the entire process from receipt of payment until shipment of patches is approximately 3.5 – 4 weeks. We will always do our best to meet deadlines such as events. Click here to find out more about how the process works!

What kind of artwork do you need?

Any type of clean artwork is usually fine for us to work with. It can be a hand drawing on paper or something created in design software. You can mail, email or fax it to us. The best kind of artwork is one that is high resolution so when we zoom in on the details we can see them pretty crisp.

What is digitizing?

Digitizing is the process where we take your artwork and re-draw/re-create it into a stitch file. It can take a few hours to digitize a back patch design for example. The stitch file tells the embroidery machine how to stitch out the patch.

What if I just have an idea but no drawing?

That’s fine! Let us know the concept of the patch design you are looking for and we can refer you to an artist on our referral list that suits your specific style to create a final design. Note: Art charges are separate from patch pricing.

Are your patches made in the USA?

Yes. Everything you receive from Iron Thread is embroidered in our studio in New Haven, Vermont USA.

How much will it cost?

The cost of the patch is based on the design, size, shape and quantity.

Can I get a sample patch first?

We typically email stitch file proofs for your review and approval. If you require an in-hand sample we can certainly do that by your request.

How large of a patch can you create?

We can almost always accommodate larger than average sized patches utilizing a technique we’ve created to break the design up into sections for stitching yet allow the final patch to appear as a one piece patch. Please inquire if you need a patch that is over-sized. Click here to see a sample.

Will you sell my patches to anyone else?

Never. You will be our main contact and you will need to contact us to purchase patches for someone else.

Do you have a minimum order quantity requirement?


Do you do boy scout patches?


What information do you need from me to Get Started?

The design/artwork, patch size, quantity of patches and any specific colors you would require.

Can you hold all of our designs on file for future ordering?


Are your patches durable considering the rough conditions they endure?

Yes. We utilize materials that have been quality tested to withstand the harsh conditions like rain, sun, wind, snow and use/abuse.
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