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"Avenged Sevenfold" Back Patches

Top or bottom curved rocker vest patches

Sometimes your motorcycle club may want or need to only use rockers to achieve a specific look. We can work with you to decide what size will fit all individuals in the group.

We typically ask the smallest and largest member vest sizing. With our experience we can estimate general rocker patch sizing based on vest sizes. We will always verify the final rocker size with you when we present the digital proof and before production. This way you can contact members and have them measure their vests before we run production.

We also can work with your MC to choose a unique font if you do not already have one chosen or designed. If you have a font style drawn out….. Great! Send it our way and we can duplicate it exactly. If not, we have a vast array of really cool styles to choose from or we can take a font and even modify it if it is not quite the look you want as is.

Many clubs decide they want to go for a different type of fabric to stitch the lettering onto. Again….. No problem! We can source whatever the fabric may be. Leather, suede, velvet, cotton twill and the list goes on. The point being that we can tailor-make any look your MC is going for when it comes to the rocker patches.

Our goal is to work one-on-one with your club to achieve a unique patch.