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"Knuckle Draggers" Back Patch

Motorcycle vest and jacket patches for your club

Are you an individual interested in getting a patch made and you have no affiliation with a group or club? You’ve come to the right embroidery shop. We do not require a minimum order quantity! So you surely can get just one patch created.

There are so many options to consider when creating your new biker patch for your vest or jacket……

Will it be one large patch? Or two? Or maybe a three-piece or four-piece patch set? Or maybe it is some front patches.

All custom motorcycle patches we create are unique. We do not have anything in stock. Whatever size or color or shape, we can make that patch for you. A great way to start is to measure the size of vest and the area you would like to patch to cover.

Sometime motorcycle patches need to stay as one patch versus separated into a two or three piece set. We have much experience working with groups or riding clubs who need to keep their biker colors as one patch. We have created many different ways to create extra large or oversized complete pieces. Ask us if you need help putting together various pieces to create a one-piece look!