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Art and Wheels Motorcycle Show – Basel, Switzerland


Art and Wheels Motorcycle Show – Basel, Switzerland

Chain Stitching Patch

We are excited to be involved in the Art and Wheels Motorcycle Show.  It is turning out to be a ‘go to’ event as a headline European motorcycle gathering. It all started back in Brooklyn, September 2015 at the Indian Larry Block Party when I ran into long time client and friend Mario Burkardt of MBLeathers.  Mario is the co-creator of the Art and Wheels Show in Switzerland.  While catching up on life and work, he asked if Iron Thread would be interested in sponsoring the event that he hosts in Switzerland.  We decided that a limited run of patches would be a great collectors item from the show.

Mario Burkardt is a incredibly talented hand tooled leather craftsman creating a wide variety of custom motorcycle goods in the motorcycle world.  See his bio link: MBLeathers


2016 Art and Wheels

What is it?

“What happens when a motorcycle mechanic, a leather craftsman and a student sit down totally hammered at an event with the dream to organize a motorcycle and art show?

When Vinz, Mario and Lukas first got together to talk about Art and Wheels Basel, they had no idea what would happen on that one day in May 2015 in Basel. They put in all their energy and ideas to organize what was to become the first ever edition of Art and Wheels Basel. Bringing together different subcultures like motorcycles, skateboarding, Punk Rock, Hot Rodding, BMX, art, and a million other things was the initial goal of the exhibition that was the first ever of its kind in Switzerland. Going away from traditional biker imaginery the show wasn’t just about beards, skulls, beer bellys and leather jackets. It was and still is about the art and craftmanship it takes to build a motorcycle and handle it on the wide open road.”



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