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Carhartt Duck Vest


Carhartt Duck Vest

Chain Stitching Patch

When riding in cooler climates like the Northeast, Northwest and Canada, the Carhartt 100% cotton duck with options of sherpa lined or arctic lined keeps you warm on the bike early spring and late fall.  The vests have a few colors choices from the staple Carhartt brown to midnight, blaze orange and light brown.  These vest go with any club colors and are very functional in cool weather elements.

Carhartt Vests

“In the 70’s, the Alaska Pipeline helped grow the brand and Carhartt showed the world it could survive and thrive in the most rugged corners of the world.

With entrepreneurial vision and determination, Hamilton Carhartt and the next three generations of Carhartts have established a brand that has stood the test of time.

Today, Carhartt employs over 2,000 U.S. associates in Detroit, Kentucky, and Tennessee, including over 900 UFCW members. Last year, over 7,000,000 garments were produced in four American factories. We’re proud that we’ve never stopped making workwear in the USA for 125 years.

Carhartt. Outworking them all since 1889.”



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