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Chopper Daves Casting Co. Long Beach, California


Chopper Daves Casting Co. Long Beach, California

Chain Stitching Patch

We recently did a run of custom patches for Chopper Daves Casting Co. based in Long Beach, California.  The signature Loud Fast Rules! patch is now available for purchase through the Chopper Daves web store.


“Who is Chopper Dave?  He has been called an enthusiast, an artist, a biker, a builder and an innovator among other things, but what it comes down to is David “ChopperDave” Freston is a motorcycle builder and fabricator that is passionate about motorcycles and it shows in the skillful craftsmanship he is known for. Building and designing while combining beauty, function and solid engineering are what he does best.”

Chopper Dave will be one of the guest builders at the upcoming Mooneyes Custom Hot Rod and Bike Show in Yokohama, Japan on December 1, 2013.




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