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FKBGNM – Institution of Rebellious Individuals


FKBGNM – Institution of Rebellious Individuals

Chain Stitching Patch

We recently had a oppurtunity to work with FKBGNM as they were gearing up in making their 2015 Fall/Winter collection. The designs they submitted to be chain stitched were going to be large designs for the back of some jackets and shirts. We chose to do the chain stitch patterns in a few angle directions and then fill with some a “8” pattern and our loop pattern.

“The Fuck Being Normal Brand is a institution of rebellious individuals organized and united by our dynamic differences. Our organization was established on the plains of Pangaea.

Our mission is to level the global market by platforming people to an echelon based in progression, rooted in culture, shaped by art, and balanced by technology. We aim to teach each other to embrace a variety of perspectives and perceptions while simultaneously destroying hate.

Fuck Being Normal™ is an infinite movement that relates to individuals from every corner of the world giving a voice to the voiceless. “





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