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Indian Larry “Question Everything” Patch


We recently did a ” ? ” Everything Patch for our friends over at Indian Larry. The IL team wanted to do a few different color rotations along with a new shape patch. Patches are available on the Indian Larry Web Store, click on patch photo below.

 Bobby Seeger Jr. first met Larry in the mid 90’s and enjoyed hanging out and shooting the shit. Later, in 2002 Bobby and his wife Elisa became partners with Larry and helped with everything behind the scenes, from marketing to traveling to shows. Almost 10 years after Larry’s passing Bobby has kept the shop going through the ups and downs of the industry. Bobby works in the garage and does a lot of traveling to different motorcycle events. He works hard at playing nicely with others and we spend lots of time in the shop asking “Where’s Bobby?” as he seems to disappear quite often.
 John started painting in 1983. He was inspired by watching his father mess around with a striping brush and an air-brush. After spending sometime in the auto-body industry, in 1994 John got involved with motorcycles. By 1998, it became a full-time gig. John works hard each day, to play nicely with others. John can be reached at:


Who was Indian Larry?

“Indian Larry was born in New York and was interested in mechanics from a very early age.

Indian Larry’s inspiration was 50’s – 60’s motorcycle clubs, Ed “Big Daddy Roth” and the legendary Von Dutch. The skilled machinist, metal-sculptor and master motorcycle mechanic has won countless custom shows, was featured in Motorcycle Mania with Jesse James, participated in motorcycle racing, and originated the hard-core motorcycle style – a blend between classic choppers and hotrod race bikes.

Indian Larry’s resume includes movie, video, television, and magazine spreads. His eccentric nature combined with a unique and colorful appeal has gathered great interest from media, producing a fanatic fan base. Indian Larry starred in four episodes of the Biker Build-Off series which aired on the Discovery Channel. His personality and uniqueness has translated to people across the world.

Indian Larry’s passing in August, 2004 was a tremendous loss for the motorcycle industry and all whom he touched. His vision and craftsmanship lives on in his incredible motorcycles, such as Wild Child and Daddy O. He has been added to the list of American icons, whose clarity on life and the dedication to knowledge affected countless people. There are currently two books written on Indian Larry, one of which “Chopper Shaman” compares him to a mythical creature not of this world and another. The second “Indian Larry” is a photo history featuring some of his work while illuminating his unique character.
After Larry’s passing in August 2004 his friends and partners Bobby and Elisa Seeger continued Indian Larry’s dream of a custom motorcycle shop creating rideable works of art along with an expanding parts and clothing line. Bobby, close friends with Larry for many years and his wife Elisa started working with Indian Larry in 2002. Bobby was responsible for marketing and public relations and Elisa his business manager.

Along with Bobby and Elisa, there is a dedicated team to ensure quality in every bike, part and clothing item, Honoring Indian Larry’s spirit.

I.L. Forever!




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Jay says:

Those patches are bad ass. I got mine!!!!

Marc Belaidi says:

hello my name is Marc I would like to know how I could get a patch suddenly you have on your site here is my address thank you for having.
221 rue curie 62730 Marck FRANCE.