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Indianapolis Colts “Blue Crew” flight suit patches for the NFL Season!

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Go Blue Crew! We recently worked with the Indianapolis Colts NFL Football Mascot Team in creating back patches for their “Blue Crew” Flight Suits.

Who is Blue the Mascot ?


“Full name Blue. Born in Jockey, Indiana. Attended Stable School in Jockey, Indiana. Lettered in football, track, driving, wrestling and interpretive dance. Blue has a long history of awesomeness and ground-breaking humor. In fifth grade, Blue won a break dancing contest at a local church in Jockey, but now rules the vast kingdom of Indianapolis with his glamourous looks and charming wit. This funny furball prefers lace-up shoes to Velcro, has a soft spot for kittens, and refuses to walk long distances. As long as there are Colts fans, Blue will be found roaming the sidelines shaking his groove thing.”


Photo Supplied by Indianapolis Colts Blue Crew

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