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Iron Thread Chain Stitch Embroidery Patterns


Iron Thread Chain Stitch Embroidery Patterns

Chain Stitching Patch

When we review designs submitted by our clients that want a lofty, layered look, we might suggest our style of chain stitch embroidery patterns. One comment we get is, “Wow, that sounds really neat….So excited to see what it looks like”.


As in past blogs we have explained our inspiration in early century hand chain embroidery stitching from the far east.  We wanted to create our own chain stitch pattern on our modern industrial machines.  Sounds easy, right?  It wasn’t. Well, we broke a lot of needles and parts in the process over the years, but we got it and we created our own unique patterns from it.


Although we are not running old single chain stitch machines such as Wilcox-Gibbs, Juki, Savor, Zojian, we are running Iron Thread style which allow us a more consistent embroidery design for volume orders. In addition to creating our own patterns which we call the ‘8, Diamond and Nomad’ to name a few, we have the ability to open and close gaps depending on the style: close for more detailed designs and open for less detailed mimicking the 50’s- 60’s circa style.



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