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Iron Thread Leather Tool Bag by Duane Ballard Custom Leather


Iron Thread Leather Tool Bag by Duane Ballard Custom Leather

Chain Stitching Patch

If you click below on DB Custom Leather you will notice a tag line on the main page, “created by one set of hands”.  I firmly believe it doesn’t mean too much until you receive your custom product in the mail from Duane and then you realize those words are true. Duane and I have been friends for a long time and worked on many projects over the years.  He creates a wide variety of hand made leather wallets, motorcycle seats, tool bags, etc.  So when I asked him to create a custom tool bag for my chopped up sportster I knew he would punch it like a mosh pit. The tool bag concept was unique yet super functional in size so that I could carry some tools, a knife, a PBR can or 2, but placement was key. I welded up a “T” bracket which mounted in my left passenger peg that the bag could sit on and mount directly in the frame. The sizing was 5x6x9 which works really well on a Sportster, FXR, or Dyna. Duane and his wife Lisa own and operate their business in Lake Elsinore, California. Made In USA.  Duane Ballard Custom Leather

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