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Limited Edition Embroidered Patch Collection #1 in the Series


Limited Edition Embroidered Patch Collection #1 in the Series

Chain Stitching Patch

Over the years we have been inspired by many different design aspects of motorcycles, tattoos, hot rods, music and art. We’ve always wanted to create a variety of designs to fit that lifestyle and then turn them into Iron Thread brand patches. One idea was to create a limited run or batch of our unique designs that can showcase our embroidery expertise and artistic expressions.

After much thought and planning, we are launching the first round of our Limited Edition patches. This will be an ongoing project where we will produce a limited number of patches with different design themes, make them available for sale and then move on to the next design/patch project. Once the limited number of patches in sold out, that patch will no longer be reproduced. We’ve decided to keep it original so each patch will be individually numbered in the batch with an embroidered number on the face of the patch.

As always, you can be sure that each patch is designed, stitched, hand-cut and finished right here in our Vermont studio.


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Gary Yando says:

Hi Guys,
Hope everything is great with you!
Sign me up for a Limited Edition Patch if you still have any!

Just let me know how to pay for it.
Gary Yando