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New Jersey’s Premier Coastal Coffee Company – Coffee Surf Co.

Chain Stitching Patch

We recently worked with the Coffee Crew at Coffee Surf Co. in New Jersey creating full back patch sets of  “Speed Freak”, their Rat Fink inspired artwork. So when you are traveling the Coast of the Garden State be on the look out for the Coffee Surf Co. “Speed Freaks” posse rollin around slinging Cups of Coffee and their signature “Cold Brew”.  They have a few unique locations including a set up at Asbury Park’s Stone Pony.

What is Coffee Surf Co.?

“At Coffee Surf Company roasting coffee is our passion. We believe in living life to the fullest and enjoying the best cup of coffee possible.

We start with the highest quality selected green beans from our finest growing regions within some of the most exotic surfing locations around the world. Our roastmaster carefully roasts the coffee using convection and refractory heat, which yields an even and consistent roast. This process develops and unlocks the complex flavors and rich body of our high quality coffees. To maintain freshness, our coffee is sealed in foil valve bags immediately after roasting.

Coffee Surf was founded by Barry Petersen, a former head chef at an upscale restaurant, and also the founder of Stay Gold Cafe in Belmar, NJ. A coffee lover and food aficionado, his intense knack and desire for vibrant, top-quality flavor in his foods and beverages led him to take on the role of learning all-things-coffee.

Barry has since moved on into his new venture bringing the best coffee to you. He has since become involved so much that he now spends time every week at the roasting facility, continuously learning the art of premium coffee roasting, and to oversee the “quality control” of our product personally, and seek new roasts to offer you.

Barry and his wife Jeanna (who takes care of operations) also spent the past 17 years together as longtime musicians in the nationally known reggae rock band Barry and the Penetrators. Put all these unique lifestyles, chemistry, and unbridled creativity together with a strong love for the best coffee possible … and you have Coffee Surf Company.

We love family, we love life, and we love to greet each day with a big smile, colossal sense of purpose, and a fantastic cup of coffee!”




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