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New York City Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmet Art Exhibit


New York City Harley Davidson Motorcycle Helmet Art Exhibit

Chain Stitching Patch

20 Artists = 20 Unique Helmets

“For the Love of Lid’s & Kid’s” Thursday March 26th from 6pm-10pm at the NYC Harley Davidson TribeCa Flagship store. 376 Broadway, New York, New York 10013 The evening will be filled with Raffles from HDNYC, Genuine Motorworks and Indian Larry Motorcycles.

A charity helmet auction to benefit the Aiden Jack Seeger Foundation.


Helmets donated by Biltwell Inc.

Featured Art By:

* Ocean Clark
* Vincent Castiglia
* Mort Todd
* Ethan Morgan
* Katrina Del Mar
* Oscar Dotter Artist Page
* David Tevenal
* Sara Antoinette Martin
* Troy Denning
* Miguel Oldenburg
* Todd Woodward
* Adam Suerte
* Matt Buck
* Jason Mitchell
* Tattoo Tony
* John the Painter
* Erikdavid Kraemer
* KEO Xmen
* Dana Del Grosso
* Art Mutt
* Oscar Blandi
* Paul St. Savage
* Richie Pan
* Sally LaPointe
* Kathy Luker


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