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Nikki Lane’s New Panties, Chainstitching by Iron Thread


Nikki Lane’s New Panties, Chainstitching by Iron Thread

Chain Stitching Patch

A few weeks back Nikki connected with us saying she is sending up a few boxes of fresh made panties from Nashville, Tennessee so we should keep our eyes open for them shipping to our studio in Vermont.

Nikki is always adding new, fresh, fun items on her website store and she is gearing up to hit the road for a summer tour in Europe.

Once we received them in hand, we discussed a few design options.  We were limited in the size of the artwork because we wanted the garment to be comfortable when wearing and the design to look smashing.

In the end Nikki kept it simple and to the point.  The design is her skull logo with a little “Fuck Off” and don’t let the door hit you on your way out!

Skull Panties






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