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Noah Clothing NYC, Chain Stitched “Cross Country Sweater”

Chain Stitching Patch

When we say, “We have a wide variety of stitching projects in our studio”…..we mean it.  The team over at Noah Clothing New York City inquired about getting some very impressive Shetland wool sweaters stitched up with a back design in chain stitching.  We were so stoked to work with them as they had a few color rotations in the sweater which gave a retro feel. The sweater colors are – Cumin, Bordeaux Mix, Spruce, Medium Grey, Ugie Pearl.  See links below.

Who is Noah NYC –  Located in Lower Manhattan “NOLITA”. “Noah is an American-based retailer of men’s clothing, focused mainly on upmarket multi-utilitarian attire and embellishments.”


Cross Country Sweater



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