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PowderJet Snowboards Vermont USA patches


PowderJet Snowboards Vermont USA patches

Chain Stitching Patch

We just completed this fresh collection of patches for PowderJet Snowboards who are our friends right here in the amazing state of Vermont, USA.  As many of you may already know — prior to Iron Thread we spent our years in the snowboard industry so if we’re not on our motorcycles, we are on the mountain on our snowboards.  KDFL — Knuckle Draggers For Life! Ha!


So you’re wondering what is a PowderJet?

“The idea was to build the perfect snowboard for rugged Vermont mountainsides. Not for resort groomers, but for the real mountains. The perfect east coast powder jammer. We started with the obvious: a rocker profile for speed and float, deep sidecut with a tight radius for quick turns, a set back stance location for stability and nose float. Then we added a slight concave profile to the tail, which makes for a loose, surfy ride, perfect for quick turns in tight trees. The riding experience has been compared to riding a skateboard with loose trucks through the woods, as fast as possible, with no speed wobbles. In a word: fun.”


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