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Progressive Motorcycle Insurance Back patch sets

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We recently teamed up with RWS Entertainment Group creating a Patch Project for Progressive Motorcycle Insurance. The Patch project will be on the road with Progressive heading into the 2022 motorcycle event riding season.

If it’s cool enough to ride, it’s cool enough to cover
Whether you ride a sport bike, touring bike, cruiser, moped, standard motorcycle, or custom hog, we have you covered. Here are a few common types of motorcycles that they insure –

“ATVs & UTVs›
Off-roading vehicles that usually have four wheels (but can have up to eight)

Sport bikes›
High-performance motorcycles built for speed, also known as street bikes

The most common type of motorcycle, usually sporting a V-twin and full-view engine

Dirt bikes›
Lightweight motorcycles with rugged tires and enhanced suspension”


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