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Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards Chain Stitched Jackets; A haberdashery collaboration with Lot, Stock and Barrel (Los Angeles)

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Looking back at some of our projects this past year, we had a amazing colloboration project with Lot, Stock and Barrel out of Los Angeles. We teamed up with them on a small production run of bomber style jackets for the iconic skateboard brand Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards. When you think of California skateboarding, this brand was the main attraction back in the 1970’s creating what we have today.¬†¬†This brand was perhaps one of the most influential in skate history, having taken such names as Natas Kaupas, Jay Adams, Julien Stranger, Tony Alva.

“Santa Monica Airlines was started by Skip Engblom in 1978 out of the back of he & Jeff Ho’s Zephyr surf shop. Skip was a gifted surfboard shaper and originally shaped all of Santa Monica Airlines’ skateboards by hand. In 1988, Skip convinced and helped Steve Rocco start SMA Rocco Division which later became World Industries. Around 1989, Skip moved Santa Monica Airlines to NHS where it got overhauled and shortened it’s name to simply SMA. NHS eventually pulled the plug on SMA around 1993, at which point most the team got absorbed into other NHS brands. Today, Skip is back to doing the brand on his own and offers amazing hand stained wood decks in a variety of shapes and sizes.”




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