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Scarlett Fever 2015 San Francisco, California proudly presented by Road Lords CC


Scarlett Fever 2015 San Francisco, California proudly presented by Road Lords CC

Chain Stitching Patch

What is Scarlett Fever?

Scarlett Fever 2015 featuring the return of the Cadillac Tramps with many artists from around the world a annual benefit show supporting Scarlett and raising awareness for Rett Syndrome. Iron Thread proudly donated the event patches.

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“Scarlett Fever is an annual benefit that exists to give support to Scarlett James, an incredibly brave Bay Area native young woman who is leading a very difficult life. At a young age, Scarlett was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a disorder of the nervous system that leaves it’s victims, almost exclusively girls,unable to walk, talk or feed themselves. They need twenty-four hour a day care because of the horrible seizures and breathing difficulties associated with this only recently officially recognized affliction.

The Road Lords car club, who boast over 50 members with 5 chapters spread out over both coasts. They truly function as a family, and Scarlett is very much everyone’s adopted daughter or little sister.Luckily, Scarlett is part of an amazing family, as well as an entire subculture that knows how to take care of their own. She is an official member of T

Scarlett Fever benefits take place on both coasts, The San Francisco show is always held at the DNA Lounge in March, while Scarlett Fever East is held in June at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, and is hosted by the New Jersey and New York Road Lords chapters. The outpouring of love and support for these successful events has been nothing short of miraculous and awe-inspiring. So, while Scarlett Fever is indeed a benefit, it feels much more like a celebration. While there is no cure for Rett Syndrome and those affected do lead tremendously diminished lives, Scarlett’s parents Bob and Rosa decided long ago that they were going to give their daughter the best life possible, and this event is the living embodiment of that pledge.”

The event will be Sunday, March 8th, 2015 at the DNA Lounge, 375 Eleventh Street, San Francisco, California @ 1:00 pm.

The event will have a Custom Art Auction featuring top artists from around the world with the return of the Cadillac Tramps, Bay City Shakers, Memphis Murder Men and the Lucky Boys.


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