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Star Wars Rebel Scum of Alderaan


Star Wars Rebel Scum of Alderaan

Chain Stitching Patch

At Iron Thread HDQ in Vermont USA, we always enjoy unique projects that clients come to us with.  We recently completed a Rebel Scum of Alderaan motorcycle back patch set for a client. Iron Thread supports both the Jedi and Sith lifestyle but we usually are found on the darkside in the Galactic Empire. Always respect the Lightsaber and may the “Force” be with you.

Iron Thread is always looking for creative projects that are unique to a person lifestyle and/or hobbies. Do you have something you would like on your jacket or vest? Be sure to contact us with your ideas and we can create some custom back patches for you.


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Alex says:

i'd like to pick up a rebel scum patch set from star wars. i have a jacket lined up. how would we do this?

Damian Tucker says:

I too would like a set of Rebel Scum patches. How do I put in an order and can you do other planets or systems? May the force be with you!!