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The Bikeriders Movie, the rise of a 1960’s midwestern motorcycle club, the Vandals. 

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The film is set to land in USA cinemas on 21st June 2024.

A 2023 American drama film directed by Jeff Nichols, about a fictional Midwestern motorcycle club named the Vandals. Inspired by the 1967 photobook of the same name by Danny Lyon, the film portrays the lives of the Outlaw Motorcycle Club members and their journey over a decade.

The narrative begins by showcasing the Vandals Motorcycle Club with Custom Motorcycle Patches as a haven for local outsiders, united by their love for motorcycles and a sense of belonging. We witness their camaraderie, their shared experiences on the open road, and the sense of freedom their biker lifestyle embodies. However, as the years unfold, a shift begins to take place.

The film explores the gradual transformation of the Vandals Motorcycle Club from a carefree group into a more sinister entity. External influences and internal power struggles lead the club down a darker path. The initial sense of camaraderie gives way to a more rigid hierarchy, and criminal activities become intertwined with their way of life.


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