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The Last Stampede, A brutal coast to coast chopper marathon


The Last Stampede, A brutal coast to coast chopper marathon

Chain Stitching Patch

What’s the Stampede?  a underground, unofficial, cannonball, witch race coast to coast created by Charlie the nomad…

“Basically, ride choppers from the left side of the country to the right side, and then we’re going to party down at the Smokeout, The Horse Backstreet Choppers’ annual party in Rockingham, North Carolina. The Smokeout is pretty much the chopper shindig not to be missed on the Eastern side of our fine nation, and if you are so inclined getting there via the STAMPEDE is a pretty excellent way to do it via the longest hardest way possible. So, if you’ve had a hankering to make it happen, you better get on it because you’re running out of time.

Same 4 rules as ever apply: rigid frames only (struts are okay, but remember it’s a CHOPPER race), no hard bags no windshields, (it’s a CHOPPER race), no rubber mounted motors, (it’s a CHOPPER race… you pickin up what i’m laying down here?) and finally no chase vehicles of any kind! Of course there’s going to be a little twist this year, as there is most every year to keep things interesting.

And now for the standard issue disclaimer. In the STAMPEDE, it is every man for his damn self. Nobody will be there to hold your hand for you. The STAMPEDE is illegal, immoral, indecent, stupid, wrong, dangerous, and should not be ridden by anyone under any circumstances. It’s all on you, man. There is no STAMPEDE. No such entity, in form, deed, reality, or otherwise. The STAMPEDE is unsanctioned, unsponsored, and nobody is responsible for you or your actions in any way, shape, or form. These are not the droids that you have been looking for.

So… Do what you gotta do and make it happen if that’s your trip!”


Smokeoutrally info  – Rockingham Dragway


Iron Thread has been a unofficial sponsor from 1st stampede making the patches for all who complete the journey.



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Tony says:

When is the next ride

Bobby McAuslan says:

Stampede 2025, let’s get some chatter going about this