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The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey


The Race of Gentlemen in Wildwood, New Jersey

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The Oilers CC/MC presents : The Race of Gentlemen which will be Old Hot Rods and Early American Motorcycles racing on the beach in Wildwood. This racing event is proudly sponsored by Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

“Race fans hold onto your seats as these men battle for pole position against one another on our beaches like in days gone by. Early testing of mechanical machines were proven and beaten on beaches as it proved to be the safest straight away of the day. The races will all take place at the water’s edge on Wildwood Beach! Here is your chance to witness the wild ride in The Wildwoods!!!

Vintage motorcycles and automobiles will battle it out on the beach against the rising tides for your viewing pleasure. See high speed thrills, and mechanical machines being pushed to their limits. Early Moto Cycles from 1911 and automobiles as early as 1907 will put it all out there. Indians, Harley Davidsons, Excelciors, Ford, Dodge Brothers, will all be here. Roar at the shore!

Ladies and gentlemen, do not miss your chance to see these fine men flog their museum quality machines on our shores for your viewing pleasure. High speeds, high thrills!!!”

The-race-of-gentlemen-2014 Oilers-Car-Club-Race-of-Gentlemen


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